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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions FGSBS

Reading Catalog Course Descriptions

Courses are listed by program. Not all courses listed in this catalog are offered every year. The FGSBS reserves the right to cancel any scheduled course or withdraw any program from the list of offerings when the best interests of the institution require such action.

Example of Course Description

GSBE 5101 - Responsible Conduct of Research (1:1:0): This course addresses the regulatory and ethical environment of today’s biomedical research, as well as topics such as authorship and data management. (F)

Subject Prefix: GSBE
Indicates the course subject = L. Frederick Francis Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences El Paso

First Digit in Course Number: GSBE 5101
Indicates the academic level of the course. Graduate courses are within the 5000 series or above. Any coursework credited toward a graduate degree must, except in rare instances and with prior approval from the FGSBS dean, be of graduate level (5000 series or above).

Second Digit in Course Number: GSBE 5101
Indicates the semester credit-hour value of the course. This example is a 1 credit-hour course.

Last Two Digits of Course Number: GSBE 5101
These numbers are the distinguishing numbers of the course.

Numbers in Parentheses (1:1:0): The first number denotes the total credit hour value of the course, the second number represents lecture hours, and the third number represents laboratory hours.

When the letter V precedes the numbers (e.g., V1-6), this indicates that the class is a variable credit course. Such courses are ordinarily research courses and permit enrollment for any number of hours, up to the limit indicated by the second number in parentheses.


Some courses have specific prerequisites that must be met before a student is eligible to enroll.

Instructional Method

Information in parenthesis after the course description describes the course instructional method, defined as:

(F) Traditional face-to-face course
(H) Hybrid course with a combination of face-to-face and significant web-based instruction
(O) Online course with most, if not all, web-based instruction
(IVC) Course in which synchronous instruction is delivered via two-way transmission between an instructor and student who are not in the same physical location

More than one instructional method (e.g., F/IVC) indicates that the instructional method varies by course section.

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