Dec 08, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health and Wellness

Disability Insurance

As part of your required fees, the school provides long term disability insurance through the Texas Medical Association (TMA). If a medical condition arises that may cause you to be disabled. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs or email to file for the disability under this plan.

Health Insurance

The PLFSOM does not provide health insurance for its students or their dependents but all students are required to maintain health insurance throughout their four years of medical school. Any medical bills incurred by an uninsured student will be their financial responsibility. TTUHSC El Paso offers medical, dental, and vision health insurance through a third party affiliate, Academic Health Plans, see or email Dorothy Stewart at or call at  (915) 215-4967.

All of our clinics and hospitals where students receive their clinical training require each student to have health insurance. Students will be denied access to clinical experiences if not covered by health insurance.


As a member of TTUHSC El Paso community you are provided with FREE, CONFIDENTIAL COUNSELING through. You may self-refer to this program by calling any of the providers on the list and letting them know you are a TTUHSC El Paso medical student. Your student services fee provides short- term counseling per each academic year. There is also contact information in case of emergencies, see

Exposure Events (e.g. needle sticks)

Students who have an “exposure event” to human blood or body fluid will report the exposure to their supervisor immediately and receive same day screening and blood testing, please see the Occupational Health website at The patient who is the source of the exposure will also be tested. Follow up blood tests are done to check for possible disease transmission. Medications may need to be taken in some cases. The students’ health insurance will be billed. If the insurance does not cover these costs Student Affairs will be contacted. You will receive further orientation to the pertinent policy at orientation and periodically thereafter.