Dec 08, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

VIII. Use of University Space, Facilities and Amplification Equipment

A. Expressive Activities

  • TTUHSC El Paso recognizes freedom of speech and expression as a fundamental right and seeks to ensure free, robust, and uninhibited debate and deliberation by students enrolled at TTUHSC El Paso as well as other persons.
  • Expressive activities on the TTUHSC El Paso campus are governed by Texas Tech University System Regulation 07.04.
  • In the event of any conflict between this Section VII (1)(a) and any other provision of this Handbook, the provisions of this Section shall control.

B. Other Use of TTUHSC Space and Facilities

  • The provisions of this Section VII(1)(b) shall apply to all uses of TTUHSC El Paso facilities for purposes other than expressive activities conducted in outdoor common areas.
  • The space and facilities of the University are intended primarily for the support of the instructional program of the institution.
    • See HSCEP OP 61.23, TTUHSC El Paso Classroom and Class Lab Scheduling Policy
  • Permission to use campus space facilities may be granted only by the offices designated by HSCEP OP 61.07, Use of TTUHSC El Paso Premises and Amplification Equipment.